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Melih Yüksel: Hello Friends, I am preparing for the IstanBulls team We need your help for the Android application (game). The aim of the game is to give technical and general information about FRC and FIRST to Rookie Yada Veteran teams. Chief Delphi will also get help from foreign teams.

Who wants to be a millionaire program in the style. Name: “Who wants to be a FRC GURU” Questions will include FRC, First and Robot construction For example :
PCM is the abbreviation of what the robot modules are.
A) Pulse Code Modulatin
B) Pnematic Control Module
C) … ..
In which year was the first FRC off-season event in Turkey
What is the begin.vi function in Labview Programming?
What part of the machine is used to transfer a movement to another piece of equipment?
as.We ask FRC teams to give us support on the questionnaire that we have shared in the past. While your questions are used in the game, we would like to indicate your team number as the team that prepared the question.

For support, you can reach https://goo.gl/forms/0Ysmtj3WB2DYZW9j2 link form.

Thanks to everyone already.

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