Mission and Vision

Team Mission

As IstanBulls team we believe in that “hard working” is the key of success. We use “never give up” as motto. So our mission specified around that opinion.

We are all students of a vocational high school. So we are generally educated to fix something broken. People do not expect us to produce something new as a technician.

Our main goal is to show all friends the way to success on any subject they want.

Team 6064 IstanBulls mission is to prove and propagate that working hard and trying endlessly in the shade of science and technology will bring the success of engineering new things and to inspire as many as possible people. While doing this we are also introducing First FRC to people. Becuase FRC opened our horizons.


    • We came out with the vision of being a club that is continually improving and increasing its achievements by putting better on what we do every year.
    • Besides, it is our basic vision to tell the name of our activities and to represent our country in the best way abroad.