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San Diego is the second largest city in the United States and the 9th largest city in the United States. It is a seaside city with border with Mexico. The population is 1,300,000. San Diego, the USA’s most popular holiday destination after Florida, has also been very popular in the maritime area. The main marine fleet of the United States is located in this city.

The city has a great reputation in the world with its resort resorts, beaches, world famous theme parks and zoo gardens. Mexico, the closest city to San Diego, is preferred by many citizens living in the eastern suburbs of the United States, along with an important tourist activity among the cities of Tijuana.

San Diego is also rich in places to visit. Due to its sub-tropical climate and location, San Diego has attracted more tourists from home and from Mexico, making it one of the most popular summer resorts for many years.
The city’s motto is “America’s most beautiful city”.



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San Diego has a warm climate, predominantly in the mid-dry season. It is warm and sunny throughout the year. It has the most balanced climate of America with its ideal climate, which is very hot and not overwhelming in summer and very mild in winter. The snow does not fall at all, it gets the strongest precipitation of the year between December and March. When you get inside the shore 5-10 miles, the desert climate begins to show up.

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